2. Drug Laws

All drugs will be completely legal. However, they will be treated much the same as alcohol and tobacco, which makes sense since these two are drugs themselves. Of course, there would be age limitations too.

The new FDA would, of course, be responsible for all drug issues as specified in Section 3. Reorganize executive departments. The key component to this drive is to make the individual take responsibility for himself/herself. This would be implemented in much the same way as the current methods of controlling purchase of medicines like pseudoephedrine and ephedrine where the individual must present a valid government issued ID, and then sign a statement. In this new paradigm, however, the statement would essentially say that the person releases everybody of any liability for any ill affects they might experience because of using the drug. A good example of this would be if a person bought some heroin from the local package store, went home and killed himself with an overdose there would be no recourse for the survivors of the deceased. It would also, most likely be considered an accident so any accidental death and dismemberment insurance would pay.

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