Various Papers of Mine


A short paragraph regarding my initial interests.

Discussion Paper

Writing to Understand

Research Question

Mind Map

Governance: Help or Hindrance?

A Personal Paradigm Shift

Hermeneutics and Somatics

The Material Body: Biology and Neuroscience Perspectives

The Mental Body: Psychology Perspectives

The Body in Context: Cultural, Historical and Political Perspectives

The Philosophical & Spiritual Body: Phenomenology & Theology

Somatics: The Body in Human Development

The Body in Human Development


Anarchies, Adhocracies and Learning Cohesion in the Midst of Chaos

Changing Forms of Organizations: From Corps to Corporations

There is No Box

Somatic Stock and Flow

Justice for All


Systems Intensive: Reflection

Resultant Set of Policies

Plenty of Water

Recognizing the Somatic Versal Reality

From Hunter-Gatherer to Rancher-Farmer

Local Water Struggles

Dissertation Proposal

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